Professional Training

In the academic world business is well ordered where A leads to B and all figures always add up. This is not so in today’s business world which is volatile. Technology is changing at a faster rate and business drivers are becoming more complex than before. Quatrohaus offers training programs that provide individuals with the skills they need to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

Financial Modeling in Excel

We offer Bespoke Financial Modeling in Excel training. It has a lot of real business world examples. Our goal is to make you productive in Microsoft Excel and go an extra mile to help you master the Financial Modeling methodologies and techniques.

What sets aside our offering from the rest?

  • We focus on your exact needs and tailor a modular course for you
  • We give step by step manuals for future reference
  • You can work with your own data
  • You will build a model from scratch
  • We can train all levels of experience and all levels of management
  • In-house training - we come to you
  • Small groups – we train at our offices
Training Calendar for 2019
No. Course Duration (days)

Zimbabwe (dates)

Zambia (dates)
1 Excel Essentials 2 26th - 27th March 25th - 26th June
2 Advanced Excel 2 28th - 29th March 27th - 28th June
3 Data Analysis 2 14th - 15th May 22nd - 23rd July
4 Advanced Data Analysis 2 16th - 17th May 24th - 25th July
5 Budget Modeling in Excel 2 27th - 28th August 16th - 17th September
6 Advanced Budget Modeling in Excel 2 29th - 30th August 18th - 19th September
7 Financial Modeling in Excel 2 28th - 29th October 28th- 29th October
8 Advanced Financial Modeling in Excel 2 30th - 31st October 30th - 31st October

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For your bookings, please make payment using the bank details below and send a proof of payment to

Country : Zimbabwe
Bank: Steward Bank
Branch: Kwame Nkrumah Branch
Account Name : Quatrohaus
Account Number : 1001367338

Country : Zambia
Bank: United Bank for Africa (Z) Limited
Branch:  Head Office
Account Name: Quatrohaus Private Limited
Account Number : 9010160034460

For further information, including a copy of our course summaries, training needs assessment and more, please contact our Financial Modeling consultant at Quatrohaus on: +263 86 77 00 30 30 |